Transformed Interiors and Exteriors

Everyone’s been through it before: you’ve put down your tape and covered your floors, and you’ve made sure to give your kids and pets ample distraction in a different room. And yet, when you’ve finished painting and you’re ready to put everything away, that’s when you see it all: the crooked lines, the paint on the floor and ceiling, the trail of paint throughout the house. But you were so careful!

At A.V. Painting Co & Renovations, we know how valuable your time is and how important clean and precise results are to you. With us, you can expect smooth walls, straight lines, and a space that’s just as clean as we found it—and hopefully a little nicer, too! Take a look at our photo gallery to see how we’ve spruced up countless rooms over the years.

Delivery Guy Didn’t Show Up?

Well, we will! Our reliable painting team always comes through.

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